How To Send Remarks

Sending Remarks 101


The Remark app is no longer 😢, but here are the steps to send sustainability feedback on your own! It looks a bit overwhelming, but believe it or not, this should only take 5 or so minutes to send each email. 


  1. Remembering to send a Remark

    • If you cannot send a remark in the moment, setup a system to act as a reminder:
      • Send yourself an email or a text message
      • Create a list of remarks you’d like to send in your phone’s “Notes” app
      • Set an alarm for once a week to send remarks


  1. Find Business Website

    • Google “Business Name + Location”
    • Example Search Term: “Honey Hill Denver”


    1. Search for the Owner / CEO Name

  • Why is it important? Addressing and sending your email to the right person can make a difference in how your message is received and acted upon. 
  • Larger Companies: Sending to the CEO or owner of the company is preferred because they’re the decision-makers and the ones who really need to know their customers care. They can route your feedback to the proper channels. In the case you can’t find the CEO or owner, a great second choice is to find other members of the executive team in operations or sustainability. Customer service emails are better than nothing and great if you can get a group of people to all send the same feedback. 
      • Smaller Companies & Restaurants: For smaller companies and restaurants, the general company email is typically the owner. If you can’t find the email, you can send feedback through social media such as an Instagram DM. Most owners are quite responsive on their Instagram and Facebook Messenger. 
    • Google “website domain + Owner”
    • Example Search: “ owner”


    1. Find the right email address

      • Finding a contact takes 1-3 minutes typically. There are several methods to find the right email address:
        • Hunter Finder: Enter the Owner / CEO full name + domain name (free version of hunter allows 25 searches and 50 verifications a month) 
        • Website: Look at the business website “Contact Us” page
        • Facebook: Look at the “about” page, many have email listed
        • Google Search: Company Name CEO Email Address
  • Tip: Sometimes contact forms are all that is available, especially for smaller businesses / restaurants – this contact form is likely getting ahold of the right person for your feedback!
  • Tip: Sometimes verifying “” using Hunter is a way of finding an email address if all else fails.
  • Tip: Facebook Message / posts, Instagram comments and Twitter are other ways to deliver your message!


  1. Verify the email address is valid

    • This prevents your email from bouncing
    • Hunter Verifier: Enter the Owner / CEO full name + domain name


  1. Draft your email

    • Keep your email short & sweet – always start with complimenting the business on their food or sustainability efforts. 
    • To make it easier, you can: 
      • Use Email Templates provided below 
      • Utilize ChatGPT to draft an email / subject line on your behalf
        • Example Prompt: “Write a short email to Lily, the owner of Honey Hill Cafe kindly asking them to be more sustainable by replacing their plastic takeout containers with reusable ones and getting compost bins with something environmentally friendly, and thanking them for having vegetarian options.” 


    1. Send your email!

      • Use your normal email client to send the email
      • Make a note to send a follow up if desired
  • Tip: If the email bounces, retry one of the other methods above!

Email Template Examples: 


Template #1:


Hi There,

It’s such a treat to reach out to you directly, I’m a big fan Honey Hill and eat your quiche weekly.  I care deeply about the environment, so I love that you have recycling bins and reusable cutlery. 

However, I noticed that you still have no compost bins and plastic cups. I’d love to see you be less harmful to the environment. 

As a loyal customer of Honey Hill I can say that it would make me want to spread the word if you made a change – and I would guess a lot of your customers feel the same way. Thanks for your consideration. 

Your customer, 



Template #2:


Hi Julie,


I’m a loyal customer of Muffin Top Bakery. I appreciate that you have vegetarian options. 

However, I’m disappointed when I see you have styrofoam cups, plastic takeout bags, and plastic takeout containers. I’d love to see you be less harmful to the environment. 

While I love Muffin Top Bakery, I could see myself spending way more money with you if you make a change. I know you have a lot of things to consider as a business, thanks in advance for hearing me out. 

All the best,



Template #3: 


Hi Andy,


It makes me happy to see Amazon has some sustainability information online. 

Reaching out today because I noticed that you still have excessive shipping packaging, gas guzzling delivery vehicles, and unnecessary plastic product packaging. Are you considering something more sustainable? 

The convenience of Amazon isn’t worth destroying our planet, and I’ve been making switches to more conscious places to spend my money. I’m sure I’m not alone. Hope you consider making real change. 


All the best,