Explanation of Trash Mob terms

As FoCo Trash Mob has evolved, we felt the need to create some creative terms that describe our creative energy!

All our activities are based on different types of campaigns. All of these campaigns have one thing in common: taking the responsibility of disposing of unwanted plastic packaging away from municipalities, communities and individuals, and putting it back on the manufacturer or purchaser of that packaging.

From micro to macro levels:

  • What are Active Discards? Basically it’s, “You made it, I can’t recycle it, so you take it back!”  Here is, literally, a page from Bea Johnson’s book.
  • What are Send-backs, Take-backs, and Trash mobs? These are Active Discards done in a concerted effort, sending back the same item to the same manufacturer, during the same time frame. Check out our past campaigns for some examples. A Trash Mob video is what we have been wanting to make, but just don’t have the funds. Would you like to help us do that?
  • What is a plastic attack? Great idea, in theory. However, we don’t want to just leave a big mess for the supermarket employees. We want to target the upper level management of SUPs.
  • Prefer a virtual option? Here you go, you do you! How To Send Your Remarks 
  • And the big one: Extended Producer Responsibility Laws! …a work in progress…but here is how it will work: