About Us: FoCo Trash Mob works alongside national and international organizations to reduce Single Use Plastics (SUPs) by providing advocacy and actionable solutions.

Meet the team:


Maureen worked for 12 years in Waste Reduction and Recycling at her County’s landfill and her City’s Recycling Center


Roxanne is an unapologetic trail nerd, former educator, grassroots organizer, artist and environmental advocate. She believes that local action is a powerful tool in effecting change on a macro level.


Kim enjoys volunteer work, and finds her teammates at FoCo Trashmob
particularly passionate and creative in finding ways to reduce plastic


Rick is the webmaster for several environmental websites in northern Colorado. He is dedicated to environmental activism and improving our environmental quality.

Debolina & Anurag

Debolina and Anurag are engineers who love the outdoors, their two dogs and are passionate about working with the FoCO Trashmob team to help reduce single use plastics.


Renga is a former technology marketer who is now focused on sustainability. He is passionate about seeking ways to reduce our collective eco-footprint because we need Nature more than Nature needs us. It’s not about saving the planet (seriously? it’s been around for over four billion years, and seen a lot worse!) –  it’s really about being selfish and saving ourselves!