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FoCo Trash Mob says “Reduce, Reuse, Return to Offender!”

Frustrated and tired of ending up with all the non-recyclable SUP’s (Single Use Plastics)?! SUPs Packaging is now unavoidable! You just wanted to buy the FOOD not the PLASTIC! Well, Return it to the Offender! …through Active Discards, Send-backs, Take-backs, Plastic attacks…and Trash Mobs! See our Explanation of Terms for what these mean.

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What is a Trash Mob?

Advocate for Extended Producer Responsibility! (EPR)

  • While many states are looking at EPR, Southern states certainly have no chance to pass an EPR law.
  • Find out why this Act is important and what you can do here
  • Join us or other Beyond Plastics Affiliates to promote legislation.